Betta Care

How to care for male and female Betta Splendens, the very popular and lovely Samurai Fighting Fish. Just about everything you would ever ask about bettas is right here.

Feeding Betta Fish star
DonĀ“t overfeed but still give them plenty of appropriate nutrition!

How To Buy A Healthy Betta Fish star
Bring home a healthy, happy betta fish pet!

Keeping Betta Fish in the Office star
If you have a betta in your office a, make sure you lavish the same care and attention on your little fish that you would at home. He will help you out at work by being an engaging little work buddy and lowering your office stress level!

Aquarium Product Review - Betta Shakerz star
This is a great addition to your Betta fish's healthy diet!

Be There For Your Betta Fish star
Want to know more about how to be there for your Betta fish? Get some tips on how to spend quality time with your Betta kid and how to make a Christmas stocking for him!

Best Betta Fish Water Temperature star
What's the best water temperature for your betta fish?

Betta Buddies star
Betta Fish are one of the most popular pet fish!

Betta Care - Betta Caves and Other Hidey Holes star
Bettas need a place to retreat and hide in order to relax and be ready to come out happily and explore their world.

Betta Care - Clean Water Cures Fin Rot star
Clean water can do wonders for your fish to keep him healthy and to cure him.

Betta Care - Gravel for Your Tank star
Do you have to have gravel in your Betta tank?

Betta Dreams star[offsite link]
Good info on all aspects of care, and good pictures of rice paddy habitats where these fish came from.

Betta Fish are Bubblenest Makers star
Betta Fish are industrious little bubble-blowers.

Betta Fish Care Quiz star
See if you can answer these quiz questions to see if you know all about basic betta fish care!

Betta Fish in a Vase as a Gift? star
The lovely vase with the beautiful Betta Fish swimming around in it at the pet store is offered as an option to give as a gift in some pet stores. Is this a good idea for the fish?

Betta Fish May Jump star
Betta Fish are Jumpers!

Betta in a Bowl or Vase? star
Should you keep your Betta fish in a small bowl or vase?

Betta Talk star[offsite link]
Light-hearted, but informative look at Betta splendens.

Betta-tude - Tune in to Your Betta Fish star
Each Betta fish has his or her own personality. Get to know your own special little fishie.

Bottled Water or Tap Water For Your Fish? star
Is it better to use tap water or bottled water for your Betta fish?

Color Changes in Betta Fish star
How do you know if the color change in your Betta fish is normal?

Community Tank Fish Compatible With Betta Fish star
Bettas are generally kept in their own private home, but it is usually possible to have them in a community tank.

eBook - Life Lessons from the Betta star
A compilation of life lessons from watching the wise little Betta Splendens at play. This wonderful bedtime story and picture book features the most-beloved Bettas of the BellaOnline Fish Forum.

Female Bettas star
Most people have male bettas. Would you like to have a female betta fish?

Fish and Cats in the Same Household star
How does one keep both fish and also cats as pets? It is possible with a little planning.

Fish in Vases? star
Is it a good idea to keep your Betta fish in a vase with a plant?

Fish That Don't Mix With Betta Fish star
Which fish you should never mix in a community with your beloved betta fishy!

How to Be Your Betta Fish's Best Friend star
Wondering how to treat your Betta fish right? An easy-to-remember acronym to get you started!

Introduction to Betta Fish Care star
Get off to a good start by knowing some basics of keeping your beautiful Betta fish healthy.

Labyrinth Fishes star[offsite link]
Page written on all fish which possess the labyrinth, an accessory organ in gouramis, paradise fish, and bettas that allows them them to breathe air directly; I personally especially like this site for its emphasis on taxonomy and evolutionary concepts, as well as its search function.

New Betta Fish Book Store star
There are only a few betta fish care books on the market.

Reasons Why Betta Fish Die star
These are some reasons for Betta fish death. Usually, you will see that something is wrong with your little Betta buddy when you notice something out of the ordinary for your particular little fish. Here are some things you can do in advance to help ensure his long and healthy life!

Summer Aquarium star
Watch out for your fishes' water temperature in the summertime!

The Importance of Clean Water For Betta Fish star
This is a wonderful, comprehensive book on basic Betta fish care. It all comes back to clean water! Beautiful photos! Makes a great gift for yourself or a friend or loved one.

Transfer Your Betta Fish to a Larger Home star
Read the steps to take to give your fish a roomier home!

Water Changing Schedules for Betta Fish star
Water changes are some of the best medicine.

You Have A New Betta - Now What? star
Congratulations on your beautiful new little Betta Fish!

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