International Etiquette

Going out of the country and don´t want to offend the natives? Then look no further for guidance on proper etiquette by country. Please, do not be another "Stupid American Tourist" statistic.

Basic Polish Etiquette star[offsite link]
This site is wonderful! Not only does it provide you with etiquette information, but it explains the behavior and outlook of the citizens of this country as based on their historical experiences.

Being Pleasantly Prepared During the Holidays star
While many adore this time of year, an equal amount despise the chaos and pressure that the Holidays can bring.

Body Scrubs, Now I Know How My Lasagna Pan Feels star
One good scrub at a local day spa and my empathy for a pan full of baked on, stuck-on food sky rocketed. Who knew I had so much skin to lose.

Book Review French Women Don't Get Fat star
Author Mireille Guiliano offers up secrets of eating for pleasure

Cell Phone Etiquette star
Cell phones are potentially the rudest piece of equipment on the planet. Here is one scenario where etiquette writer Lisa Plancich receives questions and concerns about every week.

Chopsticks Sabotaging the Sushi? Fingers Are Fine. star
Turns out sushi is a finger food. All the time and trouble I've extended to master the art of picking up those difficult little rounds of rice and fish was for naught.

Christmas Shopping star
Shopping during the Holiday season does not have to be a chore. Often much of it can be done for you.

Dining Etiquette in India star[offsite link]
This is a guide to dining etiquette in India. Written for Indians who are primarily used to western societies, this is very informative with out making you feel inferior for not understanding Indian culture.

Driving Etiquette star
Freeway driving can be a nightmare. With a few considerations for your fellow driver, you and they can experience smooth sailing.

Driving Etiquette star
Driving is American social interaction at it's worst.

Driving Etiquette - City star
You may have the right to drive but that does not entitle you to annoy your fellow drivers

Etiquette in Japan star[offsite link]
Are you planning a trip to Japan? Hosting a Japanese-themed party? This site at gives a complete list of links regarding Japanese etiquette. Did you know that in most Japanese homes there are separate house slippers for the bathroom and the rest of the room?

Eye Contact star
When conversing with someone, looking them in the eye lets them know you are paying attention to what they are saying

Family During the Holidays star
If the idea of vising family during the Holidays gives you a pain, consider the following.

French Women for all Seasons, by Mureille Guiliano star
The follow-up book to "French Women Don´t Get Fat" gives us more to enjoy in our quest for the finer pleasures

Hold The Door star
Holding the door for another person is an extremely considerate thing to do. So why are so many people messing it up for those who enjoy giving or receiving a polite gesture?

International Business Etiquette and Manners star[offsite link]
Links you to etiquette information pages for over 30 countries and six regions. It gives tips in the following formats: Introduction, Fun Facts, Appearance, Behavior and Communication. It also has a Resources section for more research and allows you to submit a question.

International Gift Protocol star[offsite link]
This site gives advice on gift giving in over 15 countries. Just click on their flag!

Parking Garage Etiquette star
When arriving at a destination, such as a theme park (think Disneyland, Universal Studios, etc.) keep in mind you aren't the only one on vacation

Ramadan Etiquette star
Ramadan, the holiest month for Muslims, is upon us. What can a non-Muslim friend do to be respectful during this time of fasting?

Shopping Manners star
The Holidays are a time to shop till you drop. If you drop that´s one thing but the people around you should not be floored by your lack of class.

Social Etiquette in Andorra star[offsite link]
Andorra is a country that is located between France and Spain, and is a great tourist attraction. This page, though designed for business travelers, gives a few tips on social behavior when visiting this country.

Social Kissing star
The handshake is losing ground to the social kiss. What works and why we should consider "to kiss or not?" upon hellos and good-byes

The Holidays are Approaching star
Keeping it together during this time of year will keep you sane AND polite

Turkish Business Etiquette star[offsite link]
This site is geared towards business travelers, but those on vacation can find a wealth of useful information as well.

Wearing a Hat star
Wearing a hat can make or break an outfit. Once you've picked it out, however, then what do you do?

Why Russell Wilson is a Really Cool Guy star
There are lots of cool NFL quarterbacks out there. Russell Wilson, however, is the coolest.

Wine Tasting at a Winery star
Wineries and wine shops provide the expert and novice opportunities to be educated and entertained. There is, however, a little etiquette which should be observed.

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