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Anheuser Busch , Yuengling & Prohibition star
Yeungling Brewery, America’s oldest brewery, also delivered a truckload of beer to the White House the day after Prohibition was lifted.

Ask the Beer Fox - Deep Frying in Beer Batter star
A reader asks: Beer Fox, is it possible to add beer to peanut oil to deep fry in?

Ask the Beer Fox - What does Cuvée Mean ? star
Cuvée is a wine and beer term, derived from the French form ´cuve´ meaning vat or tank. The context surrounding the word’s usage is critical...

Ask the Beer Fox - Astringency in Beer star
Concerning astringency in beer, you recommend removing the brown scum as it is formed, thus preventing it being stirred back in. Where can I find additional info about this brown astringent scum?

Ask the Beer Fox - Becoming a Certified Beer Judge star
Beer Fox Question: How do I become a certified beer judge? Is there anything out west in the USA or Canada? Do you need a prolific beernoid to help you with your beer resourcefulness?

Ask the Beer Fox - History of Molasses in Beer star
What is the history of the use of molasses in beer? We are doing a story on the Molasses Flood of 1919, and want to know what the use of molasses was in beer at that time.

Ask the Beer Fox - Is Bud Safe for Celiacs ? star
A reader asks, "I drink Bud Light with no problems. My doctor doesn’t see a problem but the CSA says all beer has gluten in it. What I am looking for is the honest, unbiased facts. Can you help?"

Ask the Beer Fox - Is Straub's Beer Gluten Free ? star
Ask the Beer Fox: "Do you know anything about Straub´s beer? It is alleged to be gluten-free but I haven´t been able to verify that..."

Beer & Cheese : Do you know this cheese? star
From Buffalo, New York, a question about beer and cheese pairings.

Belgian Lace & Fluffy Bottoms star
All professions have their own unique words, and brewing enthusiasts are no exception. The following is a “short-list” for your next beer lovers’ tour

Gout and Gluten Free Beer star
I have gout and am told to reduce or stop drinking beer because of the purine in yeast. Is gluten free beer helpful to me?

Gout and Gluten Free Beer star
I have gout and am told to reduce or stop drinking beer because of the purine in yeast. Is gluten free beer helpful to me?

Guide to Beer Bottle - Keg - Barrel Capacities star
How much beer should you get for your next celebration? How many cups are "realistically" in a keg?

How Do You Define Beer - Lager - Ale - Porter ? star
Question: Could you tell me the difference in ingredients when brewing Beer, Lager, Ale, and Porter?

Lincoln Facts - and Beer star
Beer Fox, can you authenticate the Lincoln quote that begins with "I am a firm believer in the people," and ends in "the facts…and beer"?

Mississippi Mud Black & Tan - An American Phenomenon star
There is a bit of magic in elusiveness, but Mississippi Mud may be considered the end product of an American dream.

What are SRM Numbers ? star
A reader asks, "Beer Fox, I have been reading about beer styles and would like to know what SRM numbers are. Can you help?"

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