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Gluten free beer articles and resources for those who have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease or have an intolerance to gluten.

Ask the Beer Fox - Is Bud Safe for Celiacs ? star
A reader asks, "I drink Bud Light with no problems. My doctor doesn’t see a problem but the CSA says all beer has gluten in it. What I am looking for is the honest, unbiased facts. Can you help?"

Ask the Beer Fox - Is Straub´s Beer Gluten Free? star
Ask the Beer Fox: "Do you know anything about Straub´s beer? It is alleged to be gluten-free but I haven´t been able to verify that..."

Bard's Tale Dragon's Gold Sorghum Lager - An Expanding Tradition star
Kevin Seplowitz, President of Bard’s Tale, speaks of the development of Dragon’s Gold as a part of our European traditions. "We wanted to pay homage to the brewing industry that came before us, and we wanted to be embraced by them.”

Bards Beer at Gluten Free Cooking Spree star
Food selection is a major battle for those with Gluten Intolerance, one that can only be alleviated by providing flavorful alternatives that have the satisfying aroma, texture, taste sensations, and mouthfeel of the foods that need to be removed from their diet, including pizza, pasta and beer.

CAMRA 1st International Gluten Free Beer Fest star
CAMRA, the world-renowned Campaign for Real Ale, is standing up to promote the social/community life of those with Celiac (Coeliac) Disease by giving space for the First International Gluten-Free Beer Festival in Chesterfield, UK.

Celiacs Guide to Gluten Free Beer star
Over 2 million Americans are diagnosed with gluten intolerance, also known as Celiac Disease. These beer-loving adults are finally gaining the attention of craft brewers throughout the world.

Common Grains & Nuts for Brewing Gluten-Free Beer star
Although gluten-free beer is becoming more available, many beer loving Celiacs have turned to homebrewing. This list may be used as a guide for brewing gluten-free beer.

Distilled Beverages - GF Choice for Celiacs star
In normal life, you would go to dinner at your local brewpub, have a few drinks, relax and commiserate with your friends about the week’s happenings...

Gluten Free Beer & Party Food for Celiacs star
Brewers of craft beer are beginning to step up to the plate by focusing on the needs of these Beer Lovers, but what about party food to accompany that amber brew?

Gluten Free Beer - Bards Tale Returns star
Celiac Disease is a bit like having the evil wizard, Lord Voldemort, lurking in the shadows, waiting for a chance to attack when your defenses are down. So what can a Beer Lover with Celiac Disease drink?

Gluten Free Beer - Belgian Style from Green´s star
Belgium has long had a reputation for launching beers that step outside the circle of traditional German Pilseners and Altbiers. Now Belgian Beer has gone one step beyond...into the realm of Gluten Free Beer.

Gluten Free Beer - Tasting Panel Gives Thumbs Up star
Dr. Steve Ford is awesome! Such is the opinion of hundreds of diagnosed Celiacs who had endured years, or decades, without beer.

Gluten Free Beer for Celiacs is REAL Beer ! star
For those who love beer, pasta, bread and cereals, the thought of living without these foods is so great that the potential Celiac delays getting tested, while suffering from the deteriorating effects of the disease. Relax. Celiacs! Gluten Free Beer is REAL BEER!

Gluten Free Beer in Local Markets star
If you are living Gluten Free in America, your life is a daily challenge, a land of temptation in which wheat, barley, and often rye, are major parts of the average diet.

Gluten Free Brewing - Malting Sorghum star
For the brewer, diving into the world of gluten free beer is one of the most exciting segments of the beer community today. Those who decide to embark on this journey are adventurers,

Gluten Free Chestnut Beer - Trails End Chestnut Brew star
Nuts are a natural when it comes to beer, whether they are split from the shell with a nutcracker and pick, candied and roasted in brown sugar and caramel, or used as descriptive language in defining the many flavor characteristics found in roastier styles of beer...and now, there´s gluten-free ches

Gluten Free Framboise Marinated Pot Roast Recipe star
For those with Intolerance to Gluten, beer marinated meats are a challenge. The solution is to choose beer that is free of barley, wheat, oats, rye, spelt, kamut, triticale, and their related grain-cousins.

Gluten Free Sprecher Shakparo - Fire Brewed & African Style star
For the 25th Anniversary celebration, Oshi Adelebu, President of the Board of Directors of African World Enterprises, announced that Sprecher Brewing Company of Glendale, Wisconsin was selected to develop the official World Festival Beer for the 25th African World Festival.

Guide to Tasting Gluten Free Beer star
For those who expect the flavors of Gluten free beer to imitate American Lager, disappointment is certain. The inherent flavor profiles of alternate grains and nuts used in brewing GF beer are totally different.

Hybrid Beer for Celiacs - Gluten Free Beer Recipe star
Celiac Disease can be a depressing diagnosis for those who love the malty sweetness and spicy hop bite of the golden brew. Why not brew your own gluten-free beer?

Is Nigerian Guinness Gluten Free ? star
At this time of year, everyone in America claims to be Irish, with Guinness Draught and Guinness Extra Stout being the frontrunner of choice for most beer-drinkers...

Lammsbraeu Barley Based Gluten Free Beer star
The German consumer magazine Öko-Test reports that Neumarkter Lammsbraeu Organic Beer now makes Neumarkter Lammsbraeu Gluten Free Beer, a German Pilsner-style beer crafted with barley.

Malting Sorghum for Bards Tale Gluten-Free Beer star
Five years of research and a big pocket-full-of-change has resulted in newly developed ingredients and technology that infuse real character into a 100 % malt-based Gluten-Free Beer for those with Celiac Disease.

National Foundation for Celiac Awareness star[offsite link]
People with celiac cannot tolerate gluten proteins which are found in any food product or additive containing wheat, barley, or rye and their related grains. This intolerance causes damage to the small intestine and, often, a wide range of recurring symptoms. Some people with celiac may not exhibit any outward symptoms at all. Left undiagnosed or untreated, celiac can lead to nutritional deficiency, intestinal cancers, osteoporosis, miscarriage, and short stature in children.

New Guidelines for Gluten Free Beer star
Although some people have picked-up the gluten free lifestyle to be stylish, eating gluten free for the Celiac has nothing to do with being trendy. It is a necessity.

No Barley - Gluten Free Beer of Lakefront Brewery star
Lakefront Brewery has created an impressive array of styles ranging from conventional, German and Belgian-styles to 100% Certified Organic, and most recently, to New Grist, a beer for Celiacs that is brewed from sorghum and gluten-free yeast grown on molasses.

Prohibited Grains in Brewing Gluten Free Beer star
On my first trip to London, England, I was intrigued by the ingredients of a Panini sandwich that caught my eye in a local, organic corner deli. Labeled as Rocket and Cheese, I chose this item, delighting in the mystery ingredient: rocket.

Redbridge - Made from Sorghum - A Celiac´s Delight star
Amidst these amber, chestnut and onyx beauties, Anheuser-Busch enters the national spotlight with a cutting-edge beer, one that demands notice and a place of distinction in the field of innovation.

Sorghum Beer Across Cultures star
We have slowly become aware of grains such as quinoa, flaxseed, sorghum and millet. Can they be used to brew beer? What might it taste like?

Sprecher Mbege - Exotic East African Beer star
Flavors, although vastly different from anything in the US market, display a distinctive quality of African styling, much like a Belgian Beer in the European market.

Sudan Grass - Dock Street Gluten Free Beer star
Inspired to celebrate America´s significant African Heritage, Rosemarie Certo of Dock Street Brewery in Philadelphia began researching sorghum as a possible grain for brewing.

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