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Etiquette is all well and good, but if you haven´t a clue about the person you are, it´s all just an act.

7 Ways to Fake Confidence star
There is always going to be a situation where you feel uncomfortable in your personal or professional life. From giving a speech or presentation to making small talk at a party or networking event, push forward rather than retreat. And utilize these seven easy steps.

8 Steps to Defeat the Monday Blues star
Tired of the Monday Blues and Blahs? Try these tricks for a manageable Monday

Back to School Clothes Shopping star
Fall is fast approaching. Moms and dads everywhere are anticipating bedtimes, bus stops, lunches and backpacks. The lazy days of summer will soon be exchanged for bell schedules and homework.

Be Brave and Do It Yourself star
Don't wait for someone else to do something you are completely capable of doing

Be Good To Yourself star
Mom taught us to be kind to others. How about being kind to yourself. Mom also used to say, "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." How about you treat yourself to some kindness and find some happy. Here are nine ideas to feel good about who you are.

Boring Guys Finish Last star
Are you a nice guy? Great! Stay that way. You'll cross the finish line long before the other guys do.

De Clutter Your Closet star
Get the stuff that is weighing you down out of your life

Finding Joy star
Having a joyful heart and finding your happy is never a bad idea

Get Organized and Simplify Your Life star
Get the clutter out of your life with simple, easy steps

Good Gift Giving star
Down with the lame gifts. If you are going to give something to someone you care about, put a little thought into it.

How To Live An Authentic Life star
An authentic life means one that truly reflects who you are in all areas. In your home are you, well, you? Or are you someone you think others expect you to be?

Instant Conversation star
Having trouble getting the conversation started? Start here.

Life Skills Everyone Needs to Learn star
As we get older, we should be getting wiser - or so the saying goes. Here are a few tips to wizen anyone up.

Living a Happy, Authentic Life star
C.G. Jung states, "The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are." For many the way the public see's us is a far cry from who we "truly are" or who we want to be.

More Life Skills Everyone Needs to Learn star
Here is the second of three articles listing the whys and hows of skills we all need to acquire.

Multi-Tasking and Etiquette Efficiencies star
The book, "Eat, Pray, Love," offers the Italian saying, "Il bel far niente." Translated: The Art of Doing Nothing. It's fine to do very little at times, as long as you are occasionally doing something.

Personal Style star
Personal style can define you and the person you believe you are. Embrace it!!!

Reasons to Embrace Cooking star
Eating is an everyday occurrence for everybody. Embrace it or wither away.

Send a Thank You Note star
The main thing is to get the note to the person

Spring Clean Your Being star
Your thoughts equate to what you are. Do you need a spring cleaning of the brain?

Spring Clean Your Brain star
Much like the disinfecting we partake in this time of year to clean out the gunk in our homes, sometimes our brain needs a little sprucing up as well.

Spring Clean Your Focus star
It's Spring! Time to dust out the cobwebs in more than just your home. How about you clean out all the stuff stealing your attention that doesn't give you anything in return?

Spring Clean Your Social Media star
Comments and posts about you is all areas of social media are your responsibility. Do you need to Spring Clean your act?

Spring Cleaning Your Insides star
Is a "Detox" in your future?

Start Living an Authentic Life star
What are you waiting for? Live an authentic life now.

Surrounding Yourself With Inspiration star
A year ago I wrote this article. I am surprised and flattered by how many sites picked it up and allowed their readers to discover the power of inspiration. I hope it reignites some motivation, inspiration and insight for you.

Turning Hazards into Happiness star
Life isn't easy. Don't beat yourself up when you feel like you are failing. Much of what you compare yourself to isn't even real.

Two Great Reasons to Enjoy June star
Get off the couch and out the door. Summer is here

Why Style and Etiquette is Right for You star
Etiquette seems out of date, but really it is more necessary and useful than ever

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