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My name is Allyson Elizabeth D´Angelo and I was born and raised in Yorkshire, England. My passions in life are cooking and writing about the same.

When I think of the home cook, it reminds me of my family - especially my mum’s and grandmothers comforting, homemade scrumptious meals, a cozy fireplace and quality time together at the dinner table. You can´t beat that! I have been cooking in the home for 42 years, since I was 12 years old to be exact, so I have many fond memories of being taught the basics in the kitchen with my mum.

After I left high school, I went to college and graduated with distinction in all areas of my curriculum as a secretarial shorthand typist. I then worked in a bank and later became a private secretary for many company directors. Although I loved my previous jobs, I always felt that there was something missing – I came to realize it was food!

In 1990, I left England for California where I lived for 22 years before moving to Brooklyn, New York in 2012 with my husband of 15 years and my beautiful twin daughters. I have worked in the food service industry in America for over 15 years as a manager and as a successful high-end caterer for a gourmet food company in California.

As your home cooking editor, I will share with you many delicious and original home cooked recipes. I love using locally grown, fresh and seasonal ingredients wherever possible as I personally believe that food tastes so much better when you do. My recipes are very adaptable and I will always offer alternative ingredients and a variety of cooking methods.

When I was a young woman I always loved to cook, but sometimes I would mess up the recipe and it used to get me rather upset, because I knew deep down I could do it better. Until one day, a wonderful friend of mine told me that unless you make mistake you will never flourish, because without them there is nowhere to grow and learn. She was right. Home cooking isn’t about having a fancy chef credential, it’s about cooking from your heart for the people that you love.

At the Home Cooking site we can share our recipes, stories and suggestions and create some new traditions of days gone by!

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