How to Make Chinese Healthy Lunches for Work

How to Make Chinese Healthy Lunches for Work
If one of your New Years resolutions was to start bringing healthy lunches to work, then here are some healthy Chinese recipe suggestions to get you started on reaching your goal.

Soups make the perfect healthy lunch, especially when there is a chill in the air. The following Chinese soups are packed full of goodness and are low in calorie, keeping you healthy and energized through out the day. These recipes can be made ahead of time and are easily portable if you have a thermos or coffee container.
  1. Egg Drop Soup
    This soup is made with chicken broth flavored with green onion, ginger, and white pepper. Thin strands of egg provide protein in this healthy classic soup.
  2. Wonton Soup
    Wontons filled with pork are boiled in a healthy Chinese chicken stock. You may also use a vegetable filled wonton, or chicken filled in place of the pork version.
  3. Lotus Root Soup Recipe
    Lotus root is chocked full of vitamins and minerals and is known for many health benefits. This soup combines this root with peanuts, dates, and goji berries to create a slightly sweet flavored broth that is healthy and delicious.
  4. Chinese Watercress Soup Recipe
    Here is another healthy soup that also contains goji berries and dates, however this is savory in flavor with a chicken broth base that is seasoned with white pepper and soy sauce.

Now you may think of potstickers as unhealthy, but they are actually not bad for you at all, especially if you make them by hand. You can choose what to put in the filling and the type of wrapper that is used. They can be made ahead of time and frozen for future use, making them a quick and easy lunch for the office.

To freeze them simply make the dumplings and place them (raw, uncooked) on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Put them in the freezer for 45 minutes and then in a zip lock bag. You want to cook them (straight from the frozen state) the night before you want to bring them for work.

Here are some potsticker recipes for you to try. Just remember you can always tailor the ingredients to your tastes. Also, Trader Joes has delicious frozen chicken potstickers which are only 200 calories for 7, making them just 30 calories each. I tend to eat 10 to 14 of these as a meal, which is very filling.
  1. Jiaozi (Pot Sticker) Recipe This is a basic recipe that uses ground pork and napa cabbage. Though these do take a while to make, the benefits are that you can tailor the ingredients to your tastes and make a lot to freeze for later. There are also video instructions included in this recipe.
  2. Vegetarian Jiaozi RecipeHere is a vegetarian version of the basic potstickers. I also believe that Trader Joes has a vegetarian version, but I have not tried them as of yet.

Steamed Dishes - Finally, steamed dishes are an easy healthy option that can be made the night before and easily reheated in the microwave. Here are three of my favorite steamed Chinese meals.
  1. Steamed Chicken with BroccoliThis healthy favorite uses a low calorie white sauce that is delicious and filling.
  2. Steamed Garlic Chicken
    In this healthy recipe, boneless chicken breasts are steamed with soy sauce and garlic to create a warm garlic flavored meal.
  3. Steamed Ginger SalmonThis is my absolute favorite. It takes no time to make and easily reheats the next day.
All of these recipes are healthy and perfect for the office, especially if you are searching for something different to eat. Enjoy!

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