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Attracting Wildlife
Attract wildlife to your balcony and patio container garden for many reasons! Nature on tap, pollination, eco-cycles; micro lives offering macro pleasure. Choose the right plants.

Bulbs Corms Rhizomes
Ensure colour and beauty all year around. Bulbs, Corms and Rhizomes need some thought but are easy to grow. Variety? Easy care plants for low maintenance containers for every season.

Cacti and Succulents
Some of our best friends will be found here including Groundcovers! Growing these beautiful low maintenance plants in containers is a joy, the variety is endless and beauty unsurpassed!

Creepers and Climbers
What choice! Use these to create a backdrop, use them as fillers or spillers; in hanging baskets; in alpine gardens, over rockeries, for specialist theme gardens and pots and for a peaceful rustle the

Decor and D I Y
DIY or GID (Get it Done) projects from drilling holes in your containers to building raised beds, making Paving stones and Hypertufa containers; Statuary; Water Features; Container choices.

Design and Planning
What do you want your container garden to do? What is your personal style? The difference between knowing what you want and getting what you want is YOU, so plan; create; design and choose.

Exotics and Tropicals
Plants like Orchids, Cycads; Palms; Ferns ... and even Roses need different attention when it comes to containers. No fuss, just thought and good care. The return you get for your effort is wonderful

Articles and ideas for growing flowers in containers.

Food Recipes
Yummy Recipes for you to follow using your harvest!

Fruit and Vegetables
There are many vegetables and fruits that can be grown in containers and raised beds - and while the yield will be correspondingly small - the pleasure is great. Organic fresh home-grown produce just

Garden Chatter
This section covers a pot-pourrie of subjects for gardening - interesting comments and discussions on all sorts of subjects ... so muse along with us as we explore all the gardening themes available.

Gardening Basics
Container gardening offers much more than just a plant in a pot. Start out right and the job´s half done ... carry on right and the pleasure´s all yours.

Herbs and Grasses
Food gardening in containers is simple when you obey a few rules and work with Mother Nature. Good yields are guaranteed if you follow best practices and advice from all sorts of sources. The choice o

Seasonal Gardening
Spring; Summer; Autumn/Fall and Winter gardening descriptions, choices, jobs, care, preparation and actions needed to ensure that you can have a beautiful and bountiful containers all year round.

Soil Management
Such an important subject that covers types of Soils; Compost; Fertilisers; Plant foods; Mulches and more. A critical component of container gardening well covered with sound advice and information.

ABC´s of gardening for all from novice to seasoned gardeners. Advice on Pruning; Propagating; Container preparation; avoiding Common mistakes; learning new ways with plants like topiary.

Theme Containers
Theme gardens are as different as your imagination! Colours, styles, cultural flair ... the ideas you read about here could be just what you need to get you going

Trees and Shrubs
Choices; descriptions; uses; growing tips; botanical information; yields and more. Beauty and Bounty in one place and in your containers! It will be your choice and we can help you make it!

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly! These are found in all gardens and here you will get information on how to recognise them, what to do about them, and managing them with eco-friendly advice.

Which Plant?
All articles on Annual, Biennial and Perennial plants and flower descriptions, choices and uses will be found here. Essentially you will be able to pick the most suitable plants for your containers.

Be sure to visit the Container Gardening Archives for all the articles!

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