Low Carb
Ebooks give you instant access to information on any low carb topic you´re interested in. Carry them conveniently on your PDA, print them out for backyard reading, and enjoy!

Baking / Oven Low Carb Recipes star
Baking has been a traditional way of making food for thousands of years. These 28 recipes will get you started on the path of developing your own rich array of delicious, healthy baking recipes!

Crockpot / Slow Cook Recipe Book / Ebook star
I love slow cooking. You do a bit of work at the beginning, and then you simply let it go. Your home fills with delicious smells as the crockpot does its magic.

First 2 Weeks - Low Carb Reference Book star
With the First 2 Weeks - Low Carb Reference Book, author Lisa Shea provides step by step instructions in print format for anyone interested in low carb dieting. Enjoy your low carb lifestyle!

Grilling Recipes Book / Ebook star
There’s just something about a fire. It calls to us, pleases us in a way that few other things can. These grilling recipes will tantalize your palate and bring nutritious food to your table!

Juicing / Smoothies Low Carb Recipes star
The philosophy of juicing and smoothies is to appreciate those natural flavors that exist all around us. Draw in the bounty of the nutrients and fiber that our world provides for our sustenance.

Low Carb Beer Reviews star
Are you on a low carb diet but enjoy beer? Here´s the perfect book to help you out! This guide provides reviews of 24 brands of beer along with serving information.

Low Carb Beer Reviews – Low Carb Reference star
Beer is an integral part of many peoples' lives. How do you drink beer and maintain a low carb, healthy diet? This book provides beer reviews, tips, and ideas for losing weight while enjoying beer.

Low Carb Charts star
A must have reference guide for any low carber. Keep the carb counts of fruits, veggies, meats, alcoholic drinks and more at your fingertips.

Low Carb Restaurant Reviews star
Eating Out and Eating Healthy used to be two different things. However, you can actually find really healthy foods at just about any restaurant, if you are wise! Here are guidelines on many popular restaurants.

Low Carb Restaurant Reviews – Low Carb Reference star
We all have to eat out every once in a while. The power goes out and our fridge melts down. We're stuck late at work. There's a special occasion. Whatever the reason, here's how to make healthy choices that are delicious as well.

Low Carb Vitamin Reference star
If you are going to stay healthy on a low carb diet, it is critical that you give your body the vitamins it needs. This is best done via food, but supplements can also be used.

Microwave Low Carb Recipes Book star
Microwave Low Carb Recipes provides 42 tasty recipes that solely require the use of a microwave oven.

Quick No-Cook Low Carb Recipes star
This 112-page book on Quick No-Cook Low Carb Recipes features 42 recipes ranging from easy cheese-plate ideas that any college student or after-school kid can try to more advanced recipes like tuna tartare which involve more complex flavors. Explore a new recipe every day for a month!

Quick No-Cook Low Carb Recipes Ebook star
Quick No-Cook Low Carb Recipes Ebook - are there times when you just want a quick meal, and have no interest in cooking? Maybe you don't have access to a microwave or stove? This cookbook provides quick, easy no cook recipes!

Stovetop Low Carb Recipes star
While microwaves can seem convenient, they also tend to encourage us to zap unhealthy food and chow it down while watching TV or playing on our laptop. These 32 stove-top recipes will help you slow down, eat less, and create delicious, healthy food.

Vitamins and Nutrients – Low Carb Reference star
Science is making discoveries daily. Are fats good for you? Should you take Vitamin C? Is cholesterol good, bad, or both? Here is what you need to know, updated for 2014.

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