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Low carb diets, such as the ones promoted by Atkins and South Beach, are backed up by numerous studies which show that they both help people lose weight and promote healthy long term lifestyles. This site makes a low carb lifestyle easy by providing great recipes, tips, advice, and nutrition information on the low carb system.

My boyfriend began low carbing in June 2003. At the time he weighed over 300 pounds. He had been a high school athlete who continued eating like an athlete even though his office job was sedentary. Once he became a low carber, he dropped to 230 within six months. A few years later he went back to "poor eating" and regained most of the weight. With a renewed focus on low carb, he got down to 190. So we have experience with those "falling off the wagon" situations.

I began low carb with him in June 2003. I have both always been fairly active and also didn´t have the poor eating habits he did. I´m 5´6" and range around 130 pounds. When we began low carbing my range was more in the 140 area, so only slightly high. Now it stays between 125-130. I´m an example of someone who is fairly near their target and wants to use low carb to maintain that range.

We have hundreds of friends, family members, and online contacts who have successfully lost weight - and kept it off - by following a low carb lifestyle. We work with vegetarians, elderly people, young adults, busy mothers, athletes, people with disabilities, and probably every other situation you can imagine. We´ve seen success after success in a variety of environments. It comes down to the individual making the commitment to care for their body.

Each day must be a fresh, new focus on eating healthy foods. If you "diet" (temporarily) and then, when you reach your target weight, start eating poorly again, you´re going to gain weight again. We´ve seen that countless times. Low carb is not a "diet" - it´s a way of eating healthily every day. Eat healthy food, exercise moderately, and you will maintain a weight you enjoy.

Note that low carb is NOT a diet of "sacrifice". You´re always full and always eating delicious food! You can have filet mignon, lobster, asparagus, and delicious homemade ice cream. This is a diet of luxury and flavor.

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